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Strength and conditioning sessions designed for well rounded development on the sports field or court. For sports players of all ages and abilities our daily workouts will ensure that you are ready to dominate your sport! Take your performance to a new level with OEOTS!




For Sports 

Strength and Conditioning provides 4 primary sessions, each comprised of a warmup, mobility and stability series followed by strength/power work, and a conditioning component. Weight training, athletic movements, plyometrics and more ate utilized to bring out your true potential. This is designed to be generalized strength and conditioning applicable to a wide range of sports. Expect to spend about 4-6 hours a week total broken down into 4, 60-90 minute sessions per week.

Instill in yourself a Standard of Excellence

Workouts are updated weekly to ensure progression.Demand the best from yourself, and your training. Set yourself apart from your competition with OEOTS! Take your performance to the next level.

OEOTS- Combining disciplines and Peoples from Opposite End Of The Spectrum to revolutionize the fitness industry. 

Basketball Game
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