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We offer Sports Performance Management for athletic programs and facilities. We serve as both a head strength and conditioning programmer and a strength and human performance consultant for your program to give it an advantage over the rest.

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Beneficial to any program, this service is especially valuable to facilities and athletic programs who have coaches on site proficient in coaching movements and overseeing sessions, but who could benefit from high level programming. Many Division 2, Division 3, High schools, and fitness centers simply do not have the budget to have a full time expert. 

OEOTS is Strength and Conditioning For the People

Enlist Human Performance Experts For Your



OEOTS seeks to eliminate this barrier to high level strength and conditioning by offering Sports Performance management, where your program will receive training written for YOUR TEAM to be able to perform it in a group setting, with reasonable explanation on scaling and adjustments included. You'll also get 2 weekly email check ins and one, 1-hour video meeting with your staff to make sure the needs of your team or class are being met. Training will be adjusted weekly based on the data exchanged to keep your programming as close to optimal as possible. 

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