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Our mission is to provide an environment that demands excellence and celebrates diversity, both in our methods and our participants. OEOTS offers the most comprehensive training, to improve fitness, strength, speed, endurance and overall athletic performance.

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OEOTS Training For

The People

OEOTS was formed in 2020 with the goal of improving accessibility to fitness and Strength and Conditioning on multiple fronts. OEOTS is here to bring high quality fitness or sports performance programming to anyone who has the will to improve. We all know that for many people personalized fitness services are either not in the budget, and that many basic programs and lower cost services miss out on benefits you need to succeed. We are solving this problem by providing training that is consistently varied and progressed to keep workouts fun, and to keep you on track! We offer subscriptions for all your fitness needs, at an affordable price to bring professional guidance to anyone seeking it. 



All this comes as budgets are tighter for many gyms and athletic programs resuming operations-addressed by our Sports Performance Management services. Finally, there is a lack of inclusive spaces in the fitness community. Whether it be due to silence, or less subtle actions, it became clear that there needed to be  a service that connected and supported people from Opposite Ends of the Spectrum! Likewise, when it comes to our actual product and our philosophy on athletic development, we believe in well rounded, overall development for longterm success. OEOTS seeks to provide an inclusive environment and community that celebrates diversity, appreciates all people, and makes proper training accessible to all. 

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