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Fitness For All

Daily workouts designed for general development. This is perfect for younger or novice athletes of various sports, and anyone who wants general, well rounded development.

Fit Man


Designed for Everyone

Fitness For All provides 3 primary workouts and one conditioning day per week, designed to make you lean, strong, develop well rounded fitness. This program utilizes weight training, functional movements, and a variety of blended methods to promote overall development, and make you lean, strong and athletic. Expect to spend 3-4 hours per week on this training.

Well rounded Overall Development

Fitness For All combines methodologies from various disciplines. Influences ranging from Sports Peformance to Powerlifting, HIIT and even yoga, means that Fitness For All delivers a  fun, varied, EFFECTIVE and well rounded exercise protocol. Get stronger, leaner, faster healthier, and build general athleticism. Workouts are updated weekly to ensure progression.

Trainning with Kettlebells
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