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  • What makes OEOTS unique?
    OEOTS meaningfully combines the most effective and supported methods. Methods that have stood the test of time and cutting-edge methods supported by clinical research. Methods from many disciplines, bringing you a product that provides the best overall development. AND we do it at a price that makes it accessible to almost anyone! OEOTS unites peoples and disciplines from Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum to revolutionize the fitness industry.
  • How much time per week do these workouts take?
    Workouts take 30-90 minutes per session for 3-4 sessions a week depending on the subscription. This will be listed under each option on the pricing and plans page.
  • What if I don’t know what an exercise is? Or how to do it?
    There will be video demonstrations of each exercise provided, so no worries!
  • Can we ask questions about the workouts?
    For sure! A reasonable volume of questions will be addressed, and if we find many people have the same question we may address it here, and/or in a video on social media rather than individually. Subscriptions are not an individualized service, so we will not be able guarantee that we can answer a high volume of questions from one individual. Within reason, we will absolutely answer questions though!
  • When will new workouts be added?
    Once you subscribe you will have acces to a members only page where all purchased workouts will be saved for 30 days.
  • Do you offer customized workouts for those who need more guidance or want to take it to another level?
    We do. Please email for inquiries. Rates vary depending on demands.
  • How can you provide these subscriptions so cheap?!
    The subscriptions are written to be applicable to many populations. Writing them to be more flexible and generalized allows more people to utilize the same program. One of our goals is to improve the accessibility to high quality training, and this is how one achieves that. Great care is taken to allow the flexibility designed into the program to allow damn near anyone to make excellent progress with our affordable and EFFECTIVE subscriptions.
  • What does the Sports Performance Management involve?
    We offer our services to Universities, fitness facilities, and other organizations who can benefit from having OEOTS manage their Sports Performance Programs. We provide the programming, email check ins, and video consultations with your coaching team. This is a massive asset to any athletic program. There are a few situations where you may find this service particularly beneficial for your program or business! Many athletic programs simply can’t afford a fulltime strength coach for each team. As a result, many teams have skills coaches doing their best to create and manage workout plans for their team. Many skills coaches still need to assist in coaching the workouts when strength coaches are stretched thin. These athletic programs would especially benefit from our Sports Performance Management. This is a game changer for your fitness facility. Set your program or facility apart by expanding your sports performance team to include OEOTS.
  • Why choose OEOTS?
    Choose OEOTS because we are bringing professional level strength and conditioning to your fingertips. The same science pro athletes, top powerlifters and so many others trust to improve their health and performance is what YOU DESERVE. Our goal is to make high quality programming available to anyone who wants it. We want to support athletes who may not have access to great strength and conditioning, but have big dreams.
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